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Crown VOIP & IT Creates Happy Clients by Providing Savings!

We do this by auditing infrastructure, reporting information on the marketplace, and making recommendations on the way forward.

Crown started providing services to clients 5 years ago.  With more than30 years in telecommunications, our expertise includes Voice Solutions including Voice over IP (VoIP), Data Networks, WiFi Networks and more.

At Crown, we work to make our clients happy.   Reducing annual spending, providing information to   enable decisions, and supplementing your staff with additional expertise, are all part of what we do.

We approach every client with an open mind, so we can understand the client environment, the critical needs, and the goals of the organization first.  We often suggest a free audit of current services and costs to establish a baseline.  Initially, a short conversation will allow us to determine if we can provide value.

A solution installed 5 years ago may have been the best choice at the time.  But as the organization changes and more applications move to the “Cloud”, an audit and a review of new services is valuable.   Most IT Departments are busy keeping a business working smoothly.  They are focused on doing their best for the success of the organization.   However, they often do not have the time to research the newest options on the market for price and quality.   Crown provides support for IT Departments to do what they do while staying informed on the best options for the way forward.

Clients are looking at their networks and trying to decide future direction and how to leverage their current investment for competitive advantage.