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Audits of Current Suppliers

Invoices for Voice and Internet communications arrive every month, and they are usually paid with only a cursory review.   This is rational given that they are often confusing, have surcharges that are not explained and will repeat information in slightly different formats throughout the document.   Often a review consists of …. Does it seem close to the previous month’s bill?  Have we had any unusual activity in the past month?  Have we added or changed services?

Carriers are able to make small changes in charges and surcharges, so it is not unusual for invoices to gradually increase over the year.   However, understanding exactly what is on the invoice can be time consuming and frustrating.

As organizations grow, shrink or change how they operate, the services in place do not always match the needs of the organization.   Moving software applications to the “cloud” or to a data center, for example will create the need for more speed.     Voice communications has diminished in importance as more organizations use email, text and cell phones for staying connected.   So voice circuits may not match needs.

We recommend an audit of current services.  This is more than simply reviewing the invoices, but comparing current services to current operation needs.

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